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About the Disability Support Network

The disability support network connects people in need of support to the right peers, professionals, organisations and services based on the help and support they request.

This network allows disabled people and their friends and families to request help and assistance specific to their individual needs and personal ambitions.

The network includes specific groups and campaigns to address the everyday issues faced everyday by people with disability in the UK and around the world.


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Request support, find offers, make new connections, buy deals, view useful resources, support campaigns or start your own.


Requests - Create requests, share them online, and receive proposals from friends, experts and organisations.

Offers - Sign up for unique offers, opportunities and support from people wanting to help.

Connections - Get connected to people, experts, mentors and organisations based on your interests, experiences, needs and goals.

Deals - Find exclusive deals and special offers

Resources - View useful resources, articles and videos recommended by others.

Campaigns - Support people, campaigns, issues and projects... or start your own.

Acknowledgement - Both individuals and organisations receive public acknowledgement for their help and support.

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For experts and orgainsations

If you have expertise, advice, products or services to share please sign up now.

Support networks and campaigns rely on support from organisations. If you think you or your organisation can help and would like to benefit from unique, tailored marketing opportunities that can help you grow your presence on and offline please contact us or find out more.


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